How can we take care of ourselves in the coronavirus pandemic era if we do not want to put ourselves at risk in the beauty salons?

The coronavirus pandemic has stopped the rush of our everyday life and locked us in the houses. Since its outbreak, we’re paying increasing attention to our health and safety. We avoid crowded places, keep a safe distance from other people, and avoid being in small, closed rooms with strangers. During the pandemic, any visit to…

Who the cavitation peelings serve best?


What’s a cavitation peeling? Cavitation peeling is a profound way to cleanse our skin. Although it works on deep layers of the epidermis exfoliating it, it is a delicate procedure. The secret of the cavitation process is the physical phenomenon of the change from liquid to gaseous form, which can occur by reducing pressure. Cavitation…

Microdermabrasion – what is the procedure?

Every woman dreams of beautiful and smooth skin without imperfections Keratinized epidermis makes our skin grey and devoid of glow. Peelings made at home work very well, but it is worth thinking about a deeper exfoliation of the epidermis. Proper exfoliation of the stratum corneum prevents the appearance of imperfections such as blackheads, inflammation.